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Electric Car Guest Drive

Electric Car Guest Drives are community events that feature a wide variety of electric cars to drive. The events are staffed by EV drivers, not salespeople, and are sponsored by electric utility companies. Share your enthusiasm and what you have learned with others still on the journey to EV ownership.

Upcoming Events

Arizona - February 2023

Past Events

California - December 3
New Mexico - November 18, 19
Arizona - April 2, 3
Virginia - May 6, 7
California - July 30
Oregon - August 12, 13, 20
New York - September 20, 23, 24
California - October 1, 8
Florida - October 27, 29, 30
Florida - November 5, 6

New York tri-state area - September 23,24,25
California - September 29
Mississippi - October 5,6
California - October 9
New York - Utica - October 16
New York - Niagara Falls - October 23
New York tri-state area - October 29,30
Arizona - November 6,13,14
Virginia - November 20


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